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Fall 2022
Jun 18,2024
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PH 211 - General Physics with Calculus
PH 211,212,2133 is a calculus-based, three-term sequence providing an introduction to fundamental physics concepts, analysis, exploration, calculation and problem-solving that are required for engineering and physics majors, and also readily meets any General Physics requirements for other health, mathematics and science majors. PH 211,2,3 require a concurrent study of calculus in Math 251,2,3, if calculus hasn't been studied previously. Concurrent study of calculus can be expected to be supported by the experience of these physics courses. These three courses all focus on conceptual understanding and exploration, visual and mathematical representation, calculation, and problem solving. PH 211 introduces the nature of science, Classical Newtonian Mechanics, energy, and momentum. The class environment includes labs, demonstrations, discussion, and individual and group activities. Lab included.
5.000 Credit hours
30.000 TO 36.000 Lecture hours
40.000 TO 48.000 Other hours

Syllabus Available
Levels: Credit
Schedule Types: Lecture plus Lec/Lab

Science Division
Science Department

Course Attributes:
Tuition, AAOT Laboratory Science

Must be enrolled in one of the following Levels:     
May not be enrolled in one of the following Colleges:     
      College Now

Credit level MTH 251 Minimum Grade of P or Credit level MTH 252 Minimum Grade of P or Credit level MTH 253 Minimum Grade of P or Mth 251 at Prev College P or Mth 252 at Prev College P or Mth 253 at Prev College P

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