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Summer 2022
Oct 02,2023
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Syllabus Information
SPAN 221 - Spanish for Health Professions I
Associated Term: Summer 2022
Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1- Identify and explain in Spanish the most common medical terms. 2- Infer the meanings of more uncommon Spanish terms based on knowledge of roots, prefixes and suffixes. 3- Use correct spelling and pronunciation of major medical terms in Spanish. 4- Display increased cultural competence through heightened awareness of components and skills in linguistic and cultural competence, recognizing disparities in Health Care Delivery. 5- Demonstrate an understanding of Spanish-speaking and/or Latino culture and reflect how cultural differences may affect interaction between patients and providers. 6- Produce Spanish terms in sentences in the appropriate context. 7- Apply Spanish language medical knowledge in simulations. Conduct basic interviews (assessments) in Spanish, such as the registration interview, health history, physical exam, and some more detailed encounters.
Required Materials:
Technical Requirements:

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