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Syllabus Information


Winter 2022
Oct 02,2023
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Syllabus Information
WLD 113 - Fabrication/Welding 2
Associated Term: Winter 2022
Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to: 1. Make isometric and orthographic “shop drawings” of metal products. 2. Prepare detailed parts lists from structural blueprints. 3. Make full size layouts from blueprints applying appropriate welding symbols. 4. Apply geometric principles to standard layout procedures. 5. Calculate weights of individual parts and assembled products. 6. Interpret conventional print symbols and abbreviations. Shop Fabrication: 7. Layout and prepare parts, fit, weld and finish to industry standards various metal products. 8. Safely, correctly, and accurately operate several shearing, forming and hole producing machines. 9. Demonstrate the ability to safely, correctly, and accurately use a variety of manual and hand-powered tools. 10. From prints, develop material cost estimates for structural steel products based on weight. 11. Safely and efficiently, move and handle material using powered fork trucks and overhead crane. 12. Plan sequencing and expediting procedures similar to those utilized by industry. Shielded Metal Arc Welding: 13. Perform oxy-fuel cutting and electric welding in a manner that demonstrates concern for the safety and welfare of themselves, others, and property. 14. Cut steel to product dimensions using the manual, and semi-automatic oxy-fuel cutting processes. 15. Remove welds and prepare weld joints using the air carbon arc process. 16. Metallic arc weld using a variety of mild steel electrodes in the four standard welding positions: flat, horizontal, overhead, and vertical, on practice pieces and products. Wire Drive Welding: 17. Make power source adjustments necessary to the effective operation of large and small diameter ferrous gas shielded flux-cored welding processes. 18. Identify the type, cause and solution to weld defects typically associated with cored wire drive processes. 19. Prepare materials, outline testing procedures, make welds, prepare specimens, and conduct tests in accordance with standards established by the American Welding Society. 20. Demonstrate proficiency to industrial levels when using ferrous flux-cored gas shielded wire processes when welding practice materials and metal products in all four welding positions. 21. Perform destructive and non-destructive tests on weldments. 22. Perform minor maintenance on FCAW equipment associated with the contact tip, liner and drive rolls.
Required Materials:
Technical Requirements:

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