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Syllabus Information


Fall 2022
Jul 18,2024
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Syllabus Information
NRS 232 - Pathophysiological Processes 1
Associated Term: Fall 2022
Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1. Access current, reliable information about selected pathophysiological processes, including cellular adaptation, injury, and death; inflammation and tissue healing; fluid and electrolyte imbalances; and physiologic response to stressors
2. Select and interpret basic focused nursing assessments based on knowledge of clinical manifestations of and developmental considerations in selected pathophysiological processes in patients across the life span
3. Teach persons from diverse populations regarding selected pathophysiological processes, focusing on explaining how the risk factors relate to specific pathophysiological processes, describing selected pathophysiological processes in appropriate terms, explaining how the signs and symptoms relate to specific pathophysiological processes, explaining which signs and symptoms to report to a health professional, explaining how developmental factors relate to pathophysiology
4. Communicate effectively with other health professionals regarding selected pathophysiological processes, focusing on using appropriate technical language, clarifying technical details of pathophysiological processes, reporting pertinent information about a patient’s status
Required Materials:
Technical Requirements:

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