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Syllabus Information


Spring 2022
Jul 17,2024
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Syllabus Information
CJA 200 - Introduction to Criminology
Associated Term: Spring 2022
Learning Objectives: Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:
1. Describe the most influential philosophical and theoretical explanations of crime and delinquency
2. Explain how historical, political, and social forces influenced the development of criminological thought
3. Describe the major trends and patterns of crime in the United States and the primary methods used to measure and study crime and delinquency
4. Identify the demographics and social conditions associated with crime and delinquency
5. Assess the relevance and utility of specific criminological theories as applied to specific forms of crime and delinquency
6. Critically evaluate criminal justice policies based on a knowledge and understanding of the causes and correlates of crime and delinquency

Required Materials:
Technical Requirements:

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