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Syllabus Information


Winter 2022
Dec 09,2022
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Syllabus Information
DRF 236 - Machine Elements
Associated Term: Winter 2022
Learning Objectives: 1- Demonstrate familiarity with materials: Metal Thermoplastic Structural steel 2- Select appropriate weld types for given connections and apply weld symbols correctly 3- Demonstrate knowledge of standards for threaded and nonthreaded fasteners 4- Use tables and handbooks to find design data: 5- Find dimensions and other data for fasteners 6- Find dimensions and other data for 7- Keys and keyways 8- Find V-belt and roller chain design data 9- Translate design concepts into virtual and physical models, building neural links between mental concepts and physical reality and developing visualization skills. 10- Demonstrate understanding of cam and linkage kinematics 11- Demonstrate knowledge of gear geometry and gear train types 12- Demonstrate comfort with quantitative thinking: Gears V-belt and roller chain drives 13- Demonstrate basic understanding of mechanisms 14- Demonstrate and apply knowledge of OSHA requirements for guarding when faced with a guard design problem, research ways similar problems have been solved by others
Required Materials:
Technical Requirements:

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